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Recipes Redux

Well, the recipes section is done for now. Scott requested the ability for folks to upload their recipes directly to our site, and I have done that. You need to click on the “submit a recipe” link to go to the submission page.

Submissions are captured in a temporary directory (not immediately displayed) so we can get them converted into the right format and reviewed before becoming available content. Unfortunately I don’t have automatic notification set up since our server doesn’t have any mail transfer applications running on it – and our host (Dan Brzoska) isn’t sure when he’s going to have time to look into it. But hey… I can periodically go in there and look to see if anyone has submitted anything.

I built in some safeguards that will hopefully protect us from malicious attacks… I guess time will tell.

The index itself is pretty much bare bones at this point – if there is any interest in the section I may end up adding a place for folks to enter comments for the various recipes, maybe rate them, etc… but that can get rather ugly so perhaps its best not explored.

Once we actually get some folks adding recipes for All-Grain (I’m not that far off myself), I’ll make sure that all the pertinent info for mashing is properly displayed as well. I know Oliver may be submitting his latest Porter if it turns out well.

That’s all for now kids. I’m off to sit on the couch and love on the wifey.

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