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Monster mill

Woooooooooooot!! Got my variable compensation for 2004 this week… and New Jersey finally tracked down my 2003 refund check and mailed me a replacement… so as soon as I get some money transferred into paypal, I’ll be ordering the Crankandstein CGM-3D malt mill… I can’t wait. I’m still wrestling with the decision around whether to get stainless steel rollers or not – I’m told they are mostly just for aesthetics or climates where moisture/humidity is an issue… but aesthetics sometimes appeal to me. I’ll probably just go with the regular rollers.

Brewing a berry beer kit this weekend that my sister brought in. Made up the yeast starter last night and it is rocking at the moment – so I’ll definitely be ready for this afternoon. I’ll bottle the kit, probably save a 6 pack for myself, and give her the rest – berry beer isn’t my thing, but I’ll brew it :-D.

Finished up the last of the “I can’t believe its not Irish” Scottish ale last night. Just put the first 3 gallon corny of Scotch ale on. Its got lots of malty sweetness (FG of 1.024), but my wife loves it. I’ve also got the second 5-gallon keg of Amarillo Pale Ale on tap and probably about 2.5 gallons of the Dubbelweizen… I wanted to put the Olde Porter on tap, but there just isn’t room :-p… I’ll have to wait until the Dubbelweizen disappears.

My latest Abbey-style Tripel is still in the basement conditioning, as is the Oak-Aged Vanilla Imperial Porter/Stout. Both are crystal clear – I can’t wait to keg and try them. Waiting is the hardest part.

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