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Post meeting blues

Yeah, another month’s meeting has come & gone. I always feel kind of bummed the next day since it takes another whole month before I get to taste more homebrew creations.

Oliver makes a mean beer. I like his stuff. Scott brought his tasty Dogbolter kit beer and the Amarillo English Amber from the last meeting as well as the Pilsner – which somehow managed to escape the meeting without my tasting it… Oh well. There’s always next meeting. I brought growlers of my Dubbelweizen and Amarillo Pale Ale again (both were debuted last month).

Website recipe submittal form works. Oliver submitted a recipe for the Porter he’s got on deck, and I grabbed it from the upload directory yesterday. I’ll put it on the site soon.

I think both the Abbey Tripel and Oak-aged vanilla imperial porter are going to be kegged soon – maybe not consumed soon, but put into nice, safe, stainless steel canisters with CO2 padding so they are safe as they age. I think the imperial porter has about the right level of oakiness for this time around… and the tripel has been aging in glass for a month now – 6 weeks since I brewed it. I need the carboy space for my upcoming batches… I think they will be:

  • Belgian-style strong dark ale (OG around 1.090)
  • Chinook IPA (using some hops I gained from the December meeting hop swap) (OG ~1.060)
  • English brown session (OG around 1.050 or so).

I’m not 100% on the english brown – I might have to do something else with it. I’ve also got a Hefeweizen kit to use up and a honey pale kit to brew…. All grain equipment is coming in May, so that should hopefully keep me busy until then.

Cheers… -VP

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