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Out with the old…

My first 3 gallon keg of Scotch ale just kicked. I have put on the second… And when moving stuff around there, the Porter is probably a half pint away from kicking as well… which means OAK AGED VANILLA IMPERIAL PORTER will be on tap very soon.

I have a problem with one of the 3 gallon cornies of OAVIP… I checked this morning and one of the poppets on gas-in side isn’t holding pressure, so the keg is essentially flat. I scrambled to pull a post & poppet off the scrap keg I bought from HDYB, get it cleaned and sanitized, and installed… It seems to be holding pressure just fine. I’ll hold my breath on contamination until we crack into the keg, but I think I’m fine.

I have the servomyces in my hands. WOOOOOT! It cost me nearly $14 for 6 capsules… OUCH!!! If anyone out there wants to try this stuff, order it from MoreBeer. They have it for 8% ABV, finish somewhere around 1.016… The mix of WLP500 and 550 will probably be a very interesting mix of fruit and spicy phenols…

I also have everything I’ll need for my next 3 batches after that…

  • Limey Vale Nut Brown Ale
  • Black Honey Ale (batch 4… for my dad)
  • Hefeweizen (a kit I’ve had for a few months now)

. That should keep me plenty busy until May when the inaugural brew on my AG system happens – Another batch of Amarillo Pale Ale.

Yeah, I’m obsessed. Its a sickness. And I just don’t care. :-p

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