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Waiting, Waiting…

Waiting for the next meeting and rationing my oak-aged vanilla imperial porter… must… not… drink it all… before meeting… And trust me. Its hard. My family put a hurting on it over Easter weekend, and with good reason – the stuff is really nice.

Waiting for my hops to grow – All 5 new rhizomes are now in the ground in some of the richest soil this side of Newark. I’d be floored if they didn’t thrive. Hopefully this season I’ll have a good crop of Cascade, a good crop of Nugget and Liberty, and a small crop of Magnum – The magnum rhizomes were your typical tiny cuttings, so it’ll take a year or two for them to get big and strong. Can’t wait until the first few shoots push their way up out of the ground.

Waiting for my Belgian Strong Dark Ale to finish fermenting. The BBBOT is still glug-glug-glugging away. I am starting to wish I had intentionally fermented this thing high (like 76-80). Its been around 70-72 for a couple days and now I’ve stuck a heating pad on the carboy to get it up a couple degrees. This beer would probably actually benefit from a really nice yeasty fruity profile.

Waiting for my latest batch of IPA to condition. I need to move it to a secondary in a few days or maybe even I’ll just keg it. I’m hoping it is tasty. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Waiting for my MoreBeer.com order to finally ship. The 10 gallon GOTT coolers have been backordered for a couple weeks now, and they finally got them in over the weekend. I should see my order moved to “Shipped” status any day now. Then I wait a week for delivery.

Waiting for the weekend so I can brew again. It’s a sickness, and I’ve got it bad. This weekend will be either a Nut Brown Ale or another batch of Black Honey Ale. I’m thinking Nut Brown.

Waiting… waiting… waiting…

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