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And another meeting comes…

Scott told me I should probably remind you all that THIS FRIDAY is the May meeting, and it’ll be at my house. I’ve got plenty of food planned… and of course w/ the kegerator at our disposal I’ve also got plenty of beer. I think I might actually try to bottle the remainder of my keg of Pale Ale with the counter pressure bottle filler and make way for my Rogue Dead Guy Ale clone…. which would be cold and ready for consumption Friday. Ugh. That means throwing more bottles into my bleach bucket tonight so I can sanitize and fill them tomorrow or Thursday…

Scotch ale coming up on Saturday (provided I’m not too hungover)… And this one I’m going out on my own a little recipe-wise, and I’ll be adding a couple ounces of oak in the secondary for additional depth. Not 4 ounces like my OAVIP, but 2. I may also brew my last remaining extract kit, a hefeweizen on Sunday. I need a good lawn-mowin’ beer for summer.

I’m dying for my two belgians to be ready… but I think I’ll drag them out when Scott and Marty do, although the strong dark belgian has at least another 4 months and the tripel probably has 2. Hell, I might just save them for fall and winter.

Found out one of the guys I work with is a recent addition to the homebrewing community – I’m going to see if I can get him to come to the meeting this friday. I think he might commute from Minnesota, however he might stay over weekends sometime. We’ll see.

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