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Another week draws to an end…

Good meeting friday. I’m glad so many people made it… we had a good time. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves since our only order of business was… drinking. I showed off my refractometer, we kicked the keg of Scotch Ale, and I put on the Oak Aged Vanilla Imperial Porter – And people were sucking it down even though it was warm and foamy. That stuff is just amazing.

I brewed a scotch ale on Saturday – Took a while for the yeast to kick in and start fermenting it (It was yeast from a previous batch that was in the fridge for 5 days), but its going like mad right now.

I lined up my next 5 beers, I think. I’ve still got a Hefeweizen extract kit to brew one of these days, but the next 5 I drew up recipes for are:

  • Native Rage IPA (~8%ABV)
  • Rise & Shine Oatmeal Stout (~5%ABV)
  • Amarillo Pale Ale (AG!!!) (~5%ABV)
  • Oak Aged Vanilla Imperial Porter (AG version)
  • Iron Hill Porter clone #2

Depending on when my 14 gallon kettle gets here, the Amarillo Pale Ale might be a 10 gallon batch…. speaking of which I need to catch up and get those pumps from him I bought back at the Belgian beer tasting at State Line… I don’t have much interest in trying to lift a kettle with 12 gallons of scalding hot wort in it.

Off to Atlanta this weekend for Memorial Day. I’ll be going to the first big Alumni Event since my fraternity chapter was allowed back on campus – Shrimp & Beer. Granted, its alot of really nasty beer that I normally wouldn’t drink (Miller Lite), but hey… Its college. I haven’t actually been back on Georgia Tech’s campus for some time. Should be interesting. We’re also going to meet some friends at the Five Seasons brewpub, which totally rocks. I recommend anyone passing thru Atlanta to check it out.

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