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Meeting tomorrow night

Same time, Marty’s place, right down the road from How Do You Brew?… I need to stop in and pick up some stuff too… although it’ll have to be well in advance of the meeting. I am running low on 2-row, although I’ve got about 30 lbs each of Golden Promise and Maris Otter… I’d prefer to keep the Golden Promise for Scottish Ales and the Maris Otter for English… So for any american pale ales I need to pick up more Briess or Great Western or whatever it is that Joe carries. I also need some white six-pack carriers for christmas gifts.

I’ll be bringing tomorrow:

  • 1 22oz bottle of Pumpkin Ale
  • 2 bottles Strong Dark Ale
  • 2 bottles witbier (or whatever it is… Marty indicated it was not one at Fordham)
  • 2 bottles Native Rage IRA

The Native Rage apparently made an impression with those that tried it at Fordham – Jerry Carney said “that’s a keeper”, Gene Diemer asked for the recipe, and apparently left an impression with Mike. I think Scott also said it was tasty. We’ll have to see what our club members think of it tomorrow night – its been ages since I’ve even tried it.

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  1. December 16, 2005 at 5:41 am

    Well, if Scott said it was tasty, then it MUST be good! LOL!

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