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200 gallons in 2005

I will hit it this year. Today was 190 gallons, and I’ve already got the beginnings of a big starter of California V Ale for 10 more gallons of Amarillo Pale Ale… so once we get back from Atlanta, I’ll fire up the kettle for one last time this year and hit my legal limit for the year. Fortunately I’ve also got the records to prove it if ATF comes snooping.

Good meeting at Marty’s – Lots of good beer to be had. A couple people definitely found the Native Rage IRA to be a little extreme in the hops department (I will never forget Marty’s face), but Cindy Cook certified herself as a major hophead – she loved it. Rock on… I will be brewing another batch of it early in 2005.

Christmas will outfit me with new brewing toys this year – I’m getting a pressure/canner for starter wort (and if I ever get as nuts as Marty, I could steam-power my mash tun… As well as a small shopping spree at MoreBeer. I went to How Do You Brew on Saturday and picked up a bunch of stuff, including another 50lb bag of American Pale Ale malt. I really like Joe and his wife – as club president I definitely hope that we can establish a good relationship with them that will be mutually beneficial and help both of us grow. Joe is also really working on expanding and improving his offerings. He wants to have another meeting there sometime in the first half of 2005, and is still looking for volunteers to do brewing demonstrations. I will definitely pack up my stuff and get over there some Saturday to give a demonstration in January or February.

Well, I am off to oxygenate and pitch yeast into my Homegrown Pale Ale… Later all, and have a great holiday.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 19, 2005 at 9:31 am

    Congratulations! I don’t know of any Delaware homebrewers who have hit this milestone though there may be some. When I lived in New Mexico there were some ‘Dukes of Ale’ club members who made it. You have to be committed for that. And I’m all for you being committed. But seriously, this, ignoring spillage and possibly growing inventory, requires consumption of slightly over 70 ounces per day each and every day. That’s why I never made it even when I was a very active homebrewer. I do realize you don’t drink it all yourself but still it’s impressive… I have word one of your 10 gallon batches was actually 10 and a half gallons… Run for the hills the revenuers are a comin’. Louis Glick

  2. December 19, 2005 at 10:16 am


    I was wondering who’s comment I was reading until I got to the bottom! LOL! When are you going to join us on another road trip? I still remember the time we almost left you at the Oliver’s Brewery in Baltimore! 🙂


  3. Anonymous
    December 19, 2005 at 11:17 am

    Scott, Can I help it if Olivers had a nice bitter? It’s hard to beat a cask conditioned beer for vollmundigkeit. And speaking of Baltimore, did you hear that DeGroens bit the dust? I guess even Dutch money only goes so far. As far as me venturing out; my wife usually works on weekends and since I’m doing the Mr. Mom thing that makes it difficult. I’d like to do a tour sometime though. Louis

  4. December 19, 2005 at 11:39 am

    The Baltimore Brewing Company folded, but DeGroens lives on! In fact, we discovered on our trip to Fordham that THEY are now contract brewing the DeGroens brand.

  5. December 19, 2005 at 12:21 pm

    Yeah… ITs alot if it were just me drinking it, and I managed to consume everything I made this year… But –

    * My best friend lives in Dover, and every time he visits he goes home with 1/2 to a gallon of homebrew.
    * I brewed 4 batches this year with the express purpose of giving them away
    * I probably have given away another 25 gallons of homebrew via a 6-pack here and 12-pack there…
    * My wife (and family when they visit) help out significantly
    * I’ve got 10 gallons in carboys, 20 gallons in bottles, and 22.5 gallons in kegs yet to be consumed, as well as about 13 gallons in the kegerator – so that’s 65 gallons that not been consumed yet

    With that said, I drink pretty much nothing but homebrew anymore – State Line Liquors gets alot less of my business than they used to, unless its doing research for my next batch. I also can’t remember the last growler I brought home from Iron Hill or Stewarts.

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