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New Years Eve Brew

Yeah, I’m getting in my 200 gallons under the wire. Its silly and unnecessary (and I’m going to be seriously screwed for secondary fermenters in a week or so) but hey – I can say that I did it once. I’m brewing 10 gallons of my delicious Amarillo Pale Ale. 21 pounds of grain measured, a huge starter of White Labs California V is in the refrigerator, I’ve got all my stuff drug upstairs so I can just wake up and start brewing tomorrow morning early. Oh crap! Need to go set the coffee maker.

I hope to be done by noon – then I can spend the rest of the day entertaining the children and wife, and deciding how I want to spend my evening – I’ve got many good beers in the basement, and I’m not sure which ones I should crack into. Maybe tomorrow evening would be the perfect time to drain my bottles of Ommegang to culture the yeast…

I hope to get together with Marty sometime over the next week or so and talk about what we want to do this year. I know that the First State Brewers is about fun, socializing, and sharing our homebrews and is most decidedly not about structure, and I don’t really want to change that – but if there are activities and subjects that people want us to do, then I’m all for it. For example:

  • How about a discussion around yeast – starters, pitching rates, strain behaviors, etc.
  • Can we develop a better and mutually beneficial relationship with HDYB or some of the brewpubs in the area?
  • Is there interest in doing more inter-club events with PA or southern DE clubs?

So hopefully Marty and I can come up with a couple ways to make 2006 an even greater year for the club… I certainly want to do right by you all.

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