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Jan 2006 @ Heavyweight Brewing

And now a short message from our friends over in Jersey at Heavyweight…

Happy New Year-

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. We think back on 2005 and appreciate the things that made it meaningful to be in the beer biz. Everybody has a silly Top list, so here’s a few of ours:

> Fav beer: Saison Dupont
> Fav brewery: Ommegang (It just keeps getting better)
Philly’s Yards is a close second –
(They make us proud and their beers are great).
> Fav brewpub: Brewer’s Art (Great folks down in B’more)
Burlington Hearth in VT is another close second –
(Passionate people with great vision).
> Fav brewer: New England brewing legend, Todd Mott
> Fav character: Tom Peters (Monk’s Cafe) –
(Tom always makes us feel happy to be in the biz).
> Fav bar/pub: Nancy’s in Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland –
(Cop-out, but there’s too many wonderful pubs in our area to single out one).
> Fav place to share a beer: Heavyweight’s Open House

Speaking of that last one, we are hosting another infamous open house gathering on Sat., January 21th from 1-4 pm. We have our newest seasonal to share with you – Cinderbock Lager. We’ll also have a few things in 750ml bottles for you to take away – Black Ocean Schwarz and perhaps some big bottle offerings of the Hammer and Lunacy. Sorry if this email reaches you in Salamanca or San Leandro, but do appreciate you being on our mailing list.

We will be out on the road and in New Haven at the Bru Room for the Conn. Real Ale Fest on Jan. 29th. February 9th is the second annual Heavyweight Ice Night at Barcade in Brooklyn. Paul and crew will be pouring 5 rare, ice-bocked beers including Cinderberg, Biere d’Ice, and other chilly offerings. If you haven’t been to Barcade before, here’s your excuse.

Thanks for making 2005 a great year for Heavyweight and for supporting
small breweries.

Tom and Peggy

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