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Week in Review

I didn’t brew last weekend b/c of the snow. It is all melted now (or at least what was on my back porch), so I will brew my stout tomorrow after our FSB field trip to Twin Lakes Brewery.

Got my taxes done and filed on Tuesday night. Good return this year – but none of it is going into buying new brew gear. Even though I could get a fully loaded B3-1550 stainless steel brewing sculpture or a cooled conical fermenter, we are socking it away for our 10th Anniversary trip to Belgium or Scotland or wherever it is that we decide we wish to go. I e-filed through TurboTax, and I gotta say – ROCKS. Completely rocks. I will never file without TurboTax again.

Wednesday night my wife and I counter pressure filled the rest of my Imperial Stout into bottles (about 16) and put my latest batch of Black Honey Ale on tap. It was eventful – I over-rotated the fill valve back after filling a bottle, not realizing it was in the purge-with-CO2-position again (just by a hair). When I removed the bottling wand…. SPLOOOSH!!! The CO2 rushed in to the bottom of the bottle, sending Imperial Stout all over me, Donna, my kitchen, and ceiling. Lesson learned…

Last night I went to pour the remaining Homegrown Ale into growlers to take to the meeting tonight at HDYB and found only 1 pint remaining. My friend put a hurting on that keg this weekend!!! So I dragged a keg of Amarillo Pale Ale up and got it chilling for tonight. Pity that no one really got to try the Homegrown Ale but me and few others… but the Amarillo is always good.

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