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Quaffable quandry…

My second lager attempt is on deck – without having even sampled my first. I have a 3 qt yeast starter of WLP820 Oktoberfest / Marzen going right now, in preparation for(hopefully) brewing my Oktoberfest beer on Sunday. This time around I’m trying not to sweat the whole thing as much as I did with my Maibock, which we’ll crack into during the May meeting at my place.

In addition I’ve got a Double IPA and a clone of Stewart’s McBride’s Strong Ale ready to brew. Originally I wanted to brew my 20 gallons of Black Honey Ale next weekend, but I think that’s going to have to wait until April 15th just due to lack of Primary carboy space – I have to get the Oktoberfest brewed this weekend, and doing that shorts me enough room to do the full 20 gallons. Holding off and brewing the McBride’s first will also give me the opportunity to really build up a good yeast count of WLP002 – more than enough to pitch into 20 gallons.

Good meeting this past friday… Jerry and Joyce always host a good meeting. Hope to see you all at the next one – It’ll be at Hank’s place, and his wife Anjou always makes some fantastic Indian food.

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