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The bad and the good… and the REALLY good…

The bad first:

2 of my favorite beers kicked tonight: Black Honey Ale and My Wife’s Nutty Brown Ale. They were excellent beers, and I have filed their recipes under the “House Beers” category in Promash designating that they are essentially standard recipes to be brewed several times each year.

The good:

The kegs kicked after counterpressure filling 12 bottles of each of them. I think I’ll probably enter them in the upcoming Buzz Off competition in June. The Nut Brown definitely… not sure if the judges would appreciate the Black Honey, since it is such a specialty / sweet beer.

The REALLY good:

Now I’ve got two new beers on tap: My Oak Aged Vanilla Porter (5 gal), that many many many folks love, and 2.5 gallons of my last batch of Nasty Habit Abbey Dubbel. It has finally come to be the beer I originally envisioned it. Belgian style, but not necessarily belgian. I will have to bring some to the meeting in two weeks and see what folks think.

In addition, that also means I have 2 more empty kegs to fill. Considering I’ve got 15 gallons to keg in primaries right now, and another 10 gallons of Black Honey in another few weeks, followed up shortly thereafter by 10 gallons of Saison… I’ll need the room.

This hobby rules. I can’t believe I used to code VB and websites for a hobby – WTF was I thinking??!?!?

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