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HopQuest (cont)

OK, so several posts ago I mentioned that I was going to try to brew some hoppier brews in the original HopQuest post. I also mentioned a couple posts back that I thought my hop scale was acting a little wonky. Well, turns out its true. For my birthday this year I ordered a replacement hopscale, the American Weigh Blade 250. A quick calibration showed that my scale was registering about 75% of true weight, so all of my recipes for the past few months have been light. Not a huge deal (and its good to know the calibration for future formulations), because all the beers turned out very good… but I am still on the cusp of not being hoppy enough to totally blow out my taste buds… so I am going to have to surpass even my recently brewed Hopocalypse I2PA.

Several people have taste tested the Hopocalypse I2PA recently (those die-hards that stayed for the last hour of the May meeting at my place, and some other close friends) and found it beguilingly drinkable for as strong and hoppy as it is… Which quite honestly is fantastic. Marty Drinan held a pint glass a foot from his nose and indicated he could still smell the hops, But its not enough… not enough hop flavor, not enough hop aroma… So I am endeavoring to formulate yet another super-hoppy recipe (name TBD)… Mash hops, first wort hops, and massive late additions and dry hopping will once again be the order of the day. Part of the formulation will include ordering in some 17%AA Summit hops, which were released in 2005 and supposedly have a pungent citrus flavor and aroma… like a turbocharged Amarillo. I’m totally in.

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