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Terminal Velocity.. er Gravity

Well, the Bastogne Tripel I brewed last weekend has finished fermenting… it was mostly done on Tuesday night, if you can believe that… in 48 hours. I checked the gravities this morning using Promash and got the following:

OG -> 23.4 Brix = 1.09425
FG -> 11.6 Brix = 1.01676 (as of today)

%ABV = 10.32

That is one serious Tripel. The unconditioned sample I took smelled incredible… yeast, bread, fruit… and while the taste was VERY yeasty (alot still in suspension), it was also very good… And STRONG. I’m actually a little scared of this beer.

Next weekend I’ll probably be brewing 10 gallons of Oak Aged Vanilla Porter… My sister wanted a couple cases (and bought me ingredients for it), so I need to get to work… After that, I’ve got a couple of joint brews with folks planned, along with a whole battery of beers for me….

I’m going to have to start using my ice cooler and pump setup again. Our tap temperature is >75 degrees again, and it took nearly 45 minutes to chill this tripel down to 77 degrees. Thank goodness I have a solution to the problem, but it does add complexity and stress to the overall process. Blech.

The Wheatopia Raspberry Revolution (pink beer) is on tap now. Its pretty tasty, although more tart than I was expecting. I hope to put the Saison on tap today… the Native Rage is REALLY close to kicking.

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