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Coming of War

of the Worts XII on Feb 17th. I have been looking at my bottled beer inventory (as well as those that I could quickly put into bottles with my counter-pressure filler) and trying to decide what to send into this Feb 17th competition. I have a couple that I know will be dogged by the judges, but I think the $5 entry fee is probably worth it to get feedback. Here are my considerations:

Sirius Black Honey Ale 12B – Robust Porter
Ed’s Special Reserve Porter 12B – Robust Porter
Ed’s Special Reserve Porter 22C – Wood-aged beer
Choking Sun Stout 13D – Foreign Extra Stout
My Wife’s Nutty Brown (Undecided – American brown or English Northern?)
Nightmare Stout 21A – Spice, Herb, or Veg Beer
The Beer Formerly Known As Hopocalypse 14C – Imperial IPA
Saison du Sevier 16C – Saison

I entered My Wife’s Nutty in the 2006 Buzz-Off competition and got comments that it didn’t have enough hop character to balance it in the Northern category, and would be better as a Southern Brown – However this is a new batch and I feel that it *IS* hoppier, so I am torn between putting it in the same category where it only got 31/50 last time or trying a different one entirely – namely the American Brown. It doesn’t have American hops, so that is probably a bad idea (used Bullion and Kent Golding, I think) which probably means I should stick to English Northern or Southern.

I am entering my dad’s bourbon porter in two categories, both the wood aged and robust porter, because I don’t know how best to categorize it. The oak and bourbon flavors only come through in the aftertaste, and it grows slowly as you sip your way through the beer – so the judges are likely not to get much of it with only 2oz. It may end up having too much oak & bourbon for just robust porter, but not enough for the wood-aged category – that would suck.

So if I enter things as listed above, I am looking at losing basically 16 beers and $41 to entry fees, but that’s cool with me. Hopefully I’ll walk away with a ribbon or two for it, and I’ll definitely get lots of good feedback… hopefully constructive and informative, although that isn’t always the case.

I think the next competition that has a firm date on the schedule is this year’s Buzz-Off in summer, so I’ll have several months to build my bottle inventory back up… and I’ll have a whole new batch of beers to try out in that competition.

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  1. January 22, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    Hey Garrett,
    I haven’t forgotten about the DFH competition that we discussed previously….just been busy with home improvement stuff. Will drop you a note soon to try and get the ball rolling….again. DT

  2. January 22, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    No worries, Terry. Quite honestly, I’ve had tons of stuff going on as well. When things start letting up, we’ll get together and figure out something… maybe we should try to plan a DUH / FSB event sometime in the next few months and use it as a means to hammer out some ideas.

  3. January 28, 2007 at 6:17 am

    Good idea…..Hopefully sometime this spring! or summertime would work too…

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