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Hop bliss – Amarillo

Amarillo - before racking

Tonight I moved my 20 gallons of Amarillo pale ale to secondaries and began dry-hopping with 3/4 oz of whole Amarillo hops per 5 gallons. It is a beautiful sight – can’t wait to get this stuff in kegs and start drinking it down. With another 20oz or so of Amarillo hops left, I’m not terribly worried about running out.

Amarillo dry hopping - with yeast!

Part of the evening’s activities included capturing nearly 1/2 gallon of thick, rich yeast slurry. I have no use for it, so if you are interested let me know – But it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. This is some serious pitching yeast, you all – almost no break material, and majorly healthy after plenty of Servomyces and 1.050 beer to chew on.

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