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Slow progress

I just can’t find the kind of time I need to work on the application side of the sculpture. Progress has been painfully slow. I’ve got some good ideas, architecture and design ready to go, but cannot find the several-hour blocks required to implement them. Instead I find 30 minutes here or 15 minutes there – often enough time to get in, screw something up a little, then have to walk away from it – only to return later and spend 2 or 3 sessions tracking down what went wrong.

Its maddening. But here’s what I have managed:

  • I have implemented enhancements to the pipe class – it now supports “Ts”, and will soon support 4-way unions as well.
  • I created a new class, “ConcentricPipe”, for shell-and-tube type arrangements like a counterflow chiller.
  • The basic architecture is in place for saving and loading screen arrangements to and from files
  • A label class is now available for putting text on the screen with a variety of options, like variable opacity.

Testing Application

I hope to start working on things like static graphics for pumps, valves, etc. sometime in the near future… as well as support for custom graphics so people can use their own libraries or creativity to augment the standard stuff.

Yeah, I know – I am focusing on the “window dressing” before I have even really got the heart of the system – the electronics and event model – completed or worked on, but I have been jotting things down on paper and in powerpoints around that.

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