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The spoils of War…

Spoils of War!…of the Worts XII!!! Yesterday I headed up to Keystone Homebrew Supply to make use of my $50 gift certificate for taking first in the Stout category. I walked out spending half that much again, but I got some good stuff. The gift certificate covered a 55lb sack of Pilsner malt ($42) to aid me in my lager and belgian brewing and a bottle of Belgian Candi Syrup ($8). The additional purchases were a second bottle of the Candi Syrup, a 6.6 lb bag of corn sugar, 3 lb of wheat malt, and a vial of WLP565 Saison yeast. I’m not sure it was really worth the 120-mile round-trip drive (which was probably another $14 in gas), but at least I redeemed the gift certificate.

Been doing a little work planning my next development steps for the sculpture interface. Every time I turn around I seem to think of something else I want to implement or a better way of doing something. I will post some pics maybe tomorrow. Right now I’m off to do a little coding and watch some LotR.

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