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22 jars of wort on the wall…

… 22 jars of wort… For starters!

Today was a very, VERY long brew day in that I had made another batch of starter wort. I brewed up a 5 gallon batch of 1.040 wort and managed to get it all canned in a single evening – The wort itself only took 4 hours, from about 1pm to 5pm, but the canning took another 5 hours. That’s fortunately alot shorter than the first time I did it – learned the hard way that my stove just doesn’t have the required UMPF to pressure can at 15 PSI… but the propane burner sure does.

Now I’ve got another 5 or 6 month supply…

My next batches won’t happen until end of May though. Got too much going on for the next 3 weekends, so it’ll have to be the weekend after our May meeting – and I’ll be brewing a starter batch of SOMETHING using Saison yeast, followed by a large 15 or 20 gallon batch of Saison du Sevier once that starter batch is ready for racking. My wife is also petitioning for a big batch of Witbier, so the Saison may get usurped until a little later in the season – I don’t know. I’ve also got a crazy amount of American hops just BEGGING to be used, like Columbus and Simcoe, so I’m thinking a 15 gallon batch of IPA might have to be brewed soon.

So much to brew, so little time.

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