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Newark Rocks!

OK, I’ll be honest – I’m not talking about the city in which I live. It’s cool and all, but I wouldn’t exactly say that it “Rocks”.

No, I am referring to Newark InOne… They are an electronics supplier that has just about everything under the sun, and for a pretty fair price too. This morning I ordered the following, and they have already shipped:

2 MCP3202 2-channel 12 bit A/D converters
2 MCP3204 4-channel 12 bit A/D converters
2 MPX5010GSX Motorola pressure sensors
2 AD620ANZ Instrumentation Amplifiers
2 LM331AN Voltage / Frequency converters

These are obviously purchases for the electronics components that will make up my homebrew sculpture – most notably the level sensor circuits. I am a little nervous as I am not convinced that it will work at all, but I’m not plowing new ground here… both Wicked Stone and Emile have done this with success before using these components (well… almost these components).

I also ordered some new PICAXE components this week… 2 of the new 28X1 chips and 2 of the 40X1 chips. I am very excited about the I2C slave functionality and built-in SPI support, as well as the internal resonators that eliminate the need for extra circuitry. Should give me plenty to play with down in the basement while the sun scortches thru summer.

On a non-nerd note, I have both the Amarillo Pale and Black Raspberry Ales on tap now – they are great individually, and magnificent when blended. Cutting the grass will be less of a chore for the next few weeks.

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