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When the cat’s away…

…I get time to work on my .NET application for the homebrew sculpture. This weekend Donna’s headed to Atlanta to spend mother’s day with her family, and I am taking today off work to watch the kids (and for the rest of the weekend). I am actually pretty excited about it – Once the children go to bed, I can now work on my program without feeling guilty that I’m not spending quality time with Donna. I also thought I would have 4 hours a week to devote to this activity while Donna was taking Pipe Welding courses at Delaware Tech, however they cancelled the course on her due to lack of participants!! We’re trying to find other ways for her to practice TIG welding so her skills don’t get rusty.

test applicationUpdates to the PipeRenderer class
So slowly I’ve been building up the infrastructure for my application. I could probably have expedited development if I had used cut & paste coding methods or a number of dirty tricks that I’ve learned over the years, but an important aspect of this project for me is actually learning the VB.NET language and becoming proficient in it. I spent enough time on the Visual Basic Forum answering questions on VB6 to know that people who don’t really struggle to learn something and have other people answer all their questions never retain the knowledge offered… So here I am, a newbie at coding again in a familiar (but very different) language.

You probably don’t see much in the way of progress looking at the screens, so let me enumerate exactly what has been done:

  • Additon of a ValveRendererc class, which still needs some work.
  • Addition of “bump up” and “bump down” styles for the unions on a pipe
  • Addition of a “rounded end” style for pipes
  • A “T” and “4-way” junction style for internal pipe unions in the PipeRenderer class
  • A completely back-buffered ComponentDisplay control that makes rendering and updating the displayed things a breeze.
  • Update event code in all renderers that notify the application when redraws are required
  • A means to save and restore the component information to a file

And believe it or not, that took quite some time… Worse yet, when I was going through the changes to the PipeRenderer class I felt compelled to completely rewrite if from scratch AGAIN and had to stop myself. I may still ultimately do that, but for now I’ve got too many other things to obsess on.

This weekend I hope to start work on:

  • The event model for dynamically changing component properties based on other component properties (ex. Pump1 gets turned “On”, so Pipe1 and 2 show themselves as liquid-full).
  • A drag & drop screen designer so building the component collections / screens is greatly simplified
  • Actual application windows that will be used in the final program, instead of just test windows.

Time will get away from me before I can complete all those things, but I’m going to try to get as much done as I can. I also still need to set up a test circuit for my MPX5010GSX pressure sensors and confirm they will measure liquid level with the kind of accuracy I am looking for. What will be really cool is if I have something to demo at Friday’s club meeting here – but I doubt that will happen.

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