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The critics I care about

A friend of mine AIMed me and asked me to post something on the blog. I am actually a little embarrased about it, but I’m going to anyways. My friends and family are always the folks that I brew to please, and here is a bit of feedback I got from one of them. There are Kudos to all of you at the end too.

So without further ado…


First, a little background:
I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing Garrett since 1995, when I first moved to Atlanta. I had probably crossed paths with him before then, but it wasn’t until that time that he and I discovered our common love of industrial music, griping, and intoxication. We passed many a day in his room at the frat house, sucking down beers and blasting music that most human ears, (including his housemates) would classify as utterly antisocial. At the same time, I fell in with Garrett’s cousin Drew and a group named Order of the Beak; and after being an erstwhile roadie for them on a utterly horriffic tour through Florida, became a member of the band as well.

Many years have passed since then, with both Garrett and I eventually losing our painted, spiked leather jackets, in favor of more corporatish attire, and Order of the Beak changing names, moving to Florida, and now having been resurrected by Drew, Jeremy and I as Choking Sun. However rare our chances to be in actual proximity to each other are, I cannot imagine not having Garrett in my life.

That being said, I began to read about his exploits on the First State Brewer’s Blog a couple of years ago, and remember my first reaction along the lines of, “wow, I have no fricken idea what he’s talking about here, but it sounds very cool.” And then I was lucky enough to have some of the Choking Sun Stout, which, with no sense of overstatement, knocked my socks off. I will always remember the glorious shining moment when it occurred to Drew, Jeremy and I that not only were we a very exclusive group of three guys who had weathered a hell of a lot together, but we had our very own, lovingly handcrafted beer named after us.

Then, just the other week, I got to try the Traveler’s and Tourists Ale. From what I understand it’s Garrett’s take on a Belgian Ale, so when I first spied it, it seemed almost right on the money colorwise, although a bit thicker looking than a normal Belgian. However, on first sip, my lord. It was lighter than it looked, crisp, just enough sweetness and bitterness, and left an absolutely amazing aftertaste. Again, Drew, Jeremy and I sat out in the studio, savoring the greatness, and smiling. While I am always going to be loyal to the Choking Sun Stout, (kind of like one being loyal to your first love) I think the Travelers and Tourists is possibly the finest beer I have ever had the opportunity to drink. I’m not a connesieur, by any stretch, but I’d like to flatter myself by thinking that I can sniff greatness in things, and this is greatness embodied. I have had chances to taste some of Garrett’s other fine work as well, especially that Bourbon Stout (?) and it’s all touched with immense talent.

So for all those up there in the First State, I would like to heartily thank you for being such good folks to my dear friend and his family, and for any peer pressure you might have provided to keep Garrett striving for excellence, (though I doubt he needs much prodding at all, dedicated man that he is.)

d. battermann

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  1. August 3, 2007 at 11:32 am

    here here!

    and for anyone who gets some of the choking sun stout, i would highly recommend hiding one safely for a year. just like us, it takes awhile to mature.

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