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Good gracious

Fat SacksI’ve got some fat sacks. You know you want some. I picked up 3 bags of Breiss 2-row Brewer’s malt from HDYB today – Joe cut me a deal since I bought 3 at a time. Add that to the sack of pilsner and 1/2 sack of Maris Otter – I gots the goods.

Peated ScottishMy peated scottish brewed on Sunday is winding down… just in time for a 20 gallon batch this weekend of American Brown Ale with my buddy Brian. The sack of Weyermann Pilsner comes courtesy of Brian as well – Thanks a ton, man. Very cool. We’ll use the rest of the Maris Otter (top bag – about 25 lbs left in there) with a portion of Briess 2-Row Brewer’s malt this weekend, repitching yeast from our batch of Saturday IPA a few weeks ago. This batch won’t use nearly the hop bill the last one did – I think right now we’re only looking at 6 or 7 ounces for 20 gallons, whereas we used 24 oz in that IPA.

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