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Quick Check In

So little time, so much to do. I’m not sure where it all goes, but I won’t be torturing you all with a lengthy blow by blow. Instead, consider this post more of a drive-by.

  • I suck as a hop grower. I must the only man on the planet that can’t grow Cascade… but that’s probably because I’m trying to do it on a 3′ high fence. My Liberty hops were totally decimated by beetles. My Nuggets did OK despite everything.
  • I’m brewing 15 gallons of Choking Sun Stout this weekend. Woot.
  • I’ve got mad amounts of beer in kegs and bottles downstairs.
  • I took 3rd for my Abbey Brown and a joint 3rd with my buddy Brian for our Gnarleywine in a competition on Saturday. Read Brian’s blog for details.
  • I totally loathe coming up with tap handle labels anymore. I’m not sure why. Two of my taps currently have “Saturday IPA” and “Peated Scottish” written on the back of a business card. Fancy, huh?
  • I won’t be making the club meeting this Month. Gotta drive to NY to help my parents move that weekend.

So no, I’m not dead. I’m just up to my eyeballs in crap. I’ve been doing freebee development work for Donna’s old boss in Atlanta for the past few weeks, and I think I finally got that monkey off my back… so more I should have more time to blog and bore you all with my activities soon enough.

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