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Pure Madness


My miniscule Freshops order came today. I’m not quite sure which aspect is more insane:

  • The alpha acids on my WHOLE LEAF Summit hops are 16.5%
  • I only ordered 2.5 pounds this year, compared to 8+ last year
  • It cost me $75 to order 2.5 lbs, which is about as much as I spent last year.

This is probably the last order for me for quite a while. My plan is to use the store of hops in my freezer until it runs out, or I can’t take it anymore and break down again. I am bummed that there were no Columbus or Simcoe hops to be had this year – at least not when I ordered. Now it looks like Freshops has some surplus 2006 inventory of Simcoe they are selling, but still no Columbus.

But why am I whining. I haven’t brewed in over a month, and the next one may be the last of the year.

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