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You can’t win them all…

OK. Here’s the truth. To date, I have brewed 3 really awful tripels. I sit here right now drinking the 4th glass of my latest (and first all-grain tripel), brewed 18 months ago in July 2006… and not drinking it like “oh, this is good stuff”… I am serious when I say that I drink it purely to make it gone. Age did not help this beer – at 18 months, its as good as it is going to get. It’s not so bad that it should be sent down to Davy Jones via the drain, but it ain’t good… not even to the most inebriated belgian. It tastes somewhat underattenuated, but based on gravities it is still well over 9%. I think my main complaint is that it tastes too much like bitter orange peel – which is amusing since the recipe doesn’t indicate that I used any at all. Its also got a wicked chill haze below room temperature, and is too “meaty” (read full-bodied”) to aptly fit the tripel style guidelines. Maybe I added bitter orange peel and didn’t not it on the sheet. Maybe its the WLP510 Bastogne Belgian yeast and I hate the way it characterizes a wort. Or maybe I just SUCKED at brewing tripels, and need to try again.

Now while I have not successfully brewed a good tripel, I’ve done lots of award-winning dubbels – and my brewing techniques have evolved some since July 06… so perhaps there is hope for me yet. I hope to make another attempt sometime soon, although I will be completely starting over and reformulating. Like the title says – not every brew is a winner.

I got my latest addition to the hop stash today – 1 lb of Bravo hops (13.5%AA) and 1 lb of Vanguard hops (5.7%AA). The Bravo are in the “citrus” family and will blend well with Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe, etc… And the Vanguard is an american Hallertauer derivative that should be damn tasty in some new belgian styles.

I spent some time this week working on the front end interface for automation of a homebrew sculpture. The upgrades were minor as I spent most of my time reaquainting myself with the architecture, and the more time I spent with it the more I realized that I write really unorganized code – I need an “architect’ to tell me what should be coded in what module… but that ain’t going to happen… so I’ll probably flail and flail and get something functional, only to come back later and rip it all to shreds and make it more organized.

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