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New Beginnings

I have moved my homebrewing-related blog posts from the First State Brewers‘s blog over to this one for the time being. I found that most of the posting was being monopolized by me, and since I am not the president anymore, it probably wasn’t really appropriate. Another reason is that I’ve been looking to find a new home for my posts for a while, and finanlly decided to pull the trigger…

I haven’t been stagnant with either my brewing or with my development of BrewzNET… The homebrewing has been less frequent than before, primarily because my consumption has dropped considerably (trying to get back into shape, and fewer friends are dropping by). That has resulted in a huge stockpile in the basement which needs to be worked through before I brew more. My last brew was an belgian-style “singel” – a beer in the 1.045 range that should be around 4% alcohol and permit drinking a few in an evening without getting lit. I love belgians, but their strength greatly limits their enjoyment for me.

As far as the blog goes, I’ll slowly work in it and hope to ultimately work the RSS feed into our main domain at www.thesevers.com  (once I find the energy and time to work on it). My plan is to use ready-made components like WordPress and Flickr instead of writing and maintaining my own. 5 years of dealing with ASP.NET and the expense of its required webhosting has soured me to web development, particularly when there are so many good, free products out there.

 Thanks for reading! Hope to see you back…

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