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This and That

I have been chipping away at my to-do list for BrewzNET – its going painfully slow compared to what I want, however an hour here and a few minutes there just isn’t cutting it for getting major blocks of work done. I’ve added context menu items to the Pipe, Tank and Coil designer classes that allow users to change the shadow gradient depth as well as turn it on and off. I added icons for several of the context menu items… but nothing of significant substance. The three major things I want to get done are:

  • Get copy/cut/paste/delete functionality working again
  • Get save / restore screen functionality working again
  • Get add designer functionality working

Unfortunately those three things happen to be enormous tasks, and will take alot of time – maybe I’ll work on it some this weekend while I am doing my other big activity – brewing another batch of starter wort.

I don’t particularly enjoy canning starter wort – it takes forever and is nerve-wracking. The wort itself is usually brewed in 4-5 hours, but the 3-4 canning cycles it takes to get all 5-6 gallons in mason jars is easily another 8. And 8 hours of watching a potential pressure bomb that could detonate and seriously injure those around it is pretty stessful, at least for DuPont-trained, safety-conscious me. But I am completely out of starter wort, so I must do it. I’ll be happy once it is over and have enough starter wort for another 8 months.

Last item – I ordered my last big kettle within the past week. Its a MoreBeer 26 Gallon Heavy Duty modified kettle w/ false bottom. My wife and parents agreed to get it for my birthday, and since the last kettle I ordered took 2 months to come in – we ordered early this time. Chances are good I’ll get it well in advance of my B-day in May, but that bothers me not-in-the-least – Can’t wait to break it in. I was torn between ordering this one or another 28 gallon italian since it is very different from the other 2 italian ones I already own, however after some soul-searching and the realization I could convert my current “kettle” into a mashtun and use this heavy-duty kettle as my workhorse (since the boil kettle is abused by thermal shock moreso than a HLT or mash tun), I figure it is the right choice. The heavy-duty kettle *IS* alot beefier than the italian ones, and will last me alot longer.

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