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Cue the “2001: A Space Odyssey” Music…

Completed Kettle Model - 26 gallon MoreBeer HD Kettle

When I took this screenshot of the kettle, that’s exactly what I heard in my head – the pounding drums, the rising crescendo of brass instruments… And I gave myself a chronic case of the sillies. I couldn’t stop giggling for nearly 5 minutes, and it started all over again once I turned on “shadows” and had it cast a long dark shadow across the screen…

At any rate, I’ve rebuilt this model like 3 times, and this latest iteration is very clean. The first I did something ugly too, the second caused my computer to seize and BSOD (graphics card couldn’t handle it), but this third one is perfect. The dimensions are also accurate – or as much so as one can get with a tape measure and a negligible amount of “eyeballing”.

That wasn’t enough, so I decided to work on a little something else. Guesses what this could be? This one only required two iterations (each only taking about 15-20 minutes):

I didn’t attempt to put the actual measurment marks in yet, although I may ultimately do that. I’m still playing around with SketchUp and figuring out what it can do.

Once I figure out how to upload the file format into WordPress, I’ll post some links to the model files. I’m not sure who the heck is going to care about them, but whatever – its fun.

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