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TnT – Dy-no-mite!!!

So tonight I finally managed to kick my American Brown keg. Its not that the AB was bad – in fact, its one of my favorite beers. I just knew it was coming close to kicking, and with my upcoming all-grain brewing demonstration at How Do You Brew? on May 4th, I really wanted to get my belgian dubbel, “Travelers and Tourists” (TnT) on tap. This particular batch was brewed back in August of 07, and has been lovingly aged in my cellar for the past 10 months, and is the beer that we will be brewing 10 gallons of at the demonstration.

Most of the batch (20 gallons) was bottled & corked in 750mL belgian-style bottles or 12oz cases, however 5 gallons I held out and kegged to see if it could work as a tap offering – and holy $#!t yes, it works. I’ve had dreadful luck getting my belgians to show the character and depth of flavor that they get after bottle conditioning for a while, but this particular recipe does REALLY well in a keg.

My plan is to bring the keg (along with a few bottles) along to the demonstration so folks can sample while we actually brew the recipe – Having a solid example for people to try and relate to the work in progress is an incredibly powerful teaching tool. I intend on letting them smell the hops, coriander, and malt… taste the sweet wort… and smell the yeast starter all in an attempt to relate it to the finished product and how those things can impact it.

I am so very pleased with this beer. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please swing by and sample!

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  1. April 26, 2008 at 2:26 am

    I like the new label for the T&T, and I’ll get to taste the kegged version on Sunday – shweet!

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