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Spring Cleaning

Welding Area - BeforeIt’s spring and that universally means time to clean. In our case, that meant major work over the past two days has gone into getting our garage back into shape. One obvious reason is creating a safe, clean and adequate space for Donna’s welding…. We intend on taking this wall of the garage, putting up sheet metal over the studs, maybe putting down some concrete coating or something, and getting the electrical service run. I’ve already drilled a hole into our basement so we can run the 6/2 wire needed to carry her 220V 50A service, so hopefully I can get my collegue to come out this weeks sometime and put together a shopping list. A fire extinguisher is definitely going to be one of the items on that list.

Bottles for cleaningPart of that cleaning was also clearing my workbench. When all is said and done, I have 9+ cases of 12oz bottles and 3+ cases of belgian-style 750mL bottles that need to be delabeled and defunked… I HATE THIS PART OF HOMEBREWING. I am not sure when I’ll commit the time necessary to do that, but it needs to be soon. A flurry of brewing activity is just around the corner, with Brian and I knocking out a 20 gallon batch of american wheat tomorrow, an all-grain demonstration at How Do You Brew next Sunday (May 5), and a number of other folks looking to do split batches. I’ve got 2 fabulous belgian strains down in the fridge just screaming to be used too – WLP540 Abbey IV yeast (the Rochefort strain) and Wyeast 3864 Canadian Belgian (the Unibroue strain).

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