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Feeling tapped

… as in worn out, not visited the kegerator too many times this evening (which may be true too).

Last few days have been really busy – Saturday I hung drywall in the garage, so all that remains is taping, priming and painting. It was exhausting work, and I certainly learned some good “Dos” and “Do Nots” as far as putting up drywall goes… but fortunately the weather wasn’t too hot and I had my friend Chris to help. Today I got the guts up to wire in the 20A circuit to the breaker panel, and amazingly enough – everything went really smooth! I will tackle the 50A circuit later in the week once we have some things resolved, like getting Donna a welding workbench and some practice metal to play with…. I figured I could use those 20A outlets to plug in my handheld orbital sander once they were taped – although that is pretty much an excuse because I could have just as easily used an extension cord. This whole process has been a great learning experience, and if I ever need to run new circuits, I feel confident I know how to do it as well as keep things compliant with electrical codes.

Sunday (yesterday) was the homebrew demonstration at How Do You Brew? which went very well. We had around 20 people show up, and they all seemed to enjoy the food, brews, and all-grain instruction in equal measure. Lots of good questions were thrown out, and I think we helped encourage a few folks to make the leap from extract to all-grain. It was an incredibly long day – 11am to 6pm… but I came home with 5 gallons of beer in a fermenter, as well as various other sundries (free yeast and hops, worth a small fortune these days) from Joe and Marlana… They are incredibly generous people, and I really like being able to help them out with these demonstrations. Hopefully it helps drum up a little business for them too. Pictures should be available on HDYB’s website in the next week or so.

I have another big brew date in the works, this time with my friends Heidi and Dave. Not sure what we’re going to brew, but it will be sometime in mid June. I’m looking forward to knocking out another 20 gallon batch – and who knows, maybe I’ll have an automated grant skid worked up by then – probably not, but I can dream.

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