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Pump Skid

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been struggling with details for my sculpture design. One such detail is the mounting and orientation for the grant and pumps. After a few failed iterations of mounting things on the main frame, I had an epiphany – I didn’t really want that stuff attached to the frame!

Instead, I came up with a small 1′ x 1.5′ step-like skid that the grant and pumps can live on. This also can act as a perfect step for a little extra height when mashing in grains!! This small pump skid fits perfectly in one of the open areas under either the HLT or kettle, where it can be out of the way for storage. The bulk of the pump-controlling electronics (float switches, etc.) will be mounted on the underside of the step somehow to keep it mostly protected from water splashes, etc. I’ll have to work out the details on where it draws its power from and how it sends data back to the main sculpture / user interface later. I definitely want to capture the pump on/off states and level/float switch states as part of the historized dataset. The grant level switches will also allow me to calculate an approximate flow rate (volume required to fill between the two switches divided by the time to do so).

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