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Another busy weekend

I feel like I was moving non-stop all weekend. Between activities in the garage, activities in the yard, and everything between I didn’t get much downtime… but I actually prefer that, even though the weekend goes by fast.

One thing I did was rack my 10 gallons of wheat to secondaries. 5 gallons of it was racked onto 2.5 lbs of frozen raspberries that we picked last fall… Hence the pinkish color. I expect that my friend Brian will do something fruity with his 10 gallons as well – I kept 5 of it as just the base wheat so we could try it sans additives. I still haven’t gotten around to kegging the california commonfest – maybe tomorrow night. The TnT that was brewed at last weekend’s How Do You Brew? whole-grain brewing demonstration has finished fermenting and will be ready for the secondary this coming weekend (Many thanks to Heidi for the pic link). I’ve got so much yeast waiting to be used in my fridge at the moment that I won’t bother trying to repitch it.

Another activity was running the hop lines for my varieties near the deck, as well as erecting a new hop monolith structure for the Zeus. The Zeus now have 16′ of vertical height and the structure is pretty solid – The day after putting this up (today), we had 40 mph winds and torrential winds – the structure hardly moved and is in perfect condition. I guess that’s what happens when you get an engineer to build a hop trellis – we overdesign everything. The winds did unfortunately break a couple of my magnum vines, but I expect they will send out more shoots just below where it was broken and continue climbing. Last year they reached the house (nearly 20+ feet of climbing!!)

Donna’s welding area is nearly complete – its primed and ready to go – all we need to do is build her welding table once it arrives, hopefully this week. I took some pictures, but they’ll probably be better once we got the table situated – so I’ll hold off on that until later. Donna and I did come across a fantastic online resource for ordering metal, cut to order even – SpeedyMetals.com. Their prices are pretty reasonable (even for stainless – although its certainly not cheap) and I think we may have to try them out with parts for the Pump Skid. My grant and level switches are on the way, so I need to work up the prototype circuit again and get a test rig built – probably will work on that over the weekend or during next week.

Last but not least, I kicked the keg of Amarillo Pale Ale. It was on tap for barely 2 weeks, but numerous drive-by and growler-fills decimated it at a rapid pace… I kind of helped that a good deal too. As a result, the Saison du Sevier of our humble little chateau is now on tap. Brewed with belgian ingredients and whole German Perle and French Strisselspalt hops, it is a light, floral, and incredibly thirst quenching brew that arrives just in time for the rising heat of spring and summer. I’ll have to brew more of this very soon.

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