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Ready to Rock & Roll

Donna took her welder out for a test drive today. No electrical problems – she arc welded a few test pieces of metal, and is planning on spending more time tonight doing more beads as practice. First order of business after her test run was to get a floor fan or something to blow the smoke out of our garage – even situated close to the door, it still accumulated pretty heavily inside the garage area. Longer term I will get an adjustable trunk exhaust line that she can position right next to the welding piece and suck up the fumes. It worked perfectly, the main house circuit didn’t trip, and to be honest – I didn’t even see the lights dim. Looks like everything is green.

I’ve been doing a little work on the grant skid design – mainly making sure I’ve got room for the solid state relays and circuitry the skid will require. I also adjusted the design so it uses 100% 1″ box steel for the frame – After doing a cost analysis, I wasn’t saving much weight or cost by going with angle iron, so why bother with a mixture of pieces? The electronics and hardware for the grant prototype are already on their way and will be here Mon/Tues of next week. I should be able to work up a test rig in short order and figure out what control panel layout I want. I think I’ll mock up the control box using thin particle board or something similar, and move it to something more industrious once I’ve got everything worked out the way I want.

On another note, I’ve made my SketchUp model and BrewzNET source code files available via Skydrive over on Micorosoft Live. Unfortunately WordPress is restrictive when it comes to the allowed upload formats, so without pulling some extension hocus-pocus, I have to host elsewhere. Check the Downloads page of the blog for links over there. I won’t make any promises on the models being perfect – most of them have "hidden" items that must be displayed. Grant skid file is a perfect example – Most of it (except the control box) is hidden in the uploaded version. All you need to do to view everything is Edit -> Unhide -> Everything and the whole model will pop up for you.

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