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Homegrown Hops Update

Liberty Hops - 2nd year in this locationNugget Hops - Growing like madMagnum - Doing OKFirst Year Zeus - Need to shore up that trellis support!!!Looks like it might be a decent year – All my hops seem to be doing pretty well, and no major problems so far. I need to put some more fertilizer on them since it has been a few months, but that won’t take very long.

The Liberty, which I was concerned might be a lost cause, has really come up in full swing this year after being transplanted from a significantly less sunny spot in the back yard. I always wondered if the rhizomes were sickly or something, but it appears no – they just didn’t get enough sun before. The Nugget are growing like gangbusters (as usual) and are within 5 feet of the top of the twine…. The Magnum next to them are less prolific, but still growing very well and I’m sure will give me a bigger yield than last year.

The Zeus is only in its first year, but the middle vine is nearing the top of the trellis already. Even the shoot that got battered by the wind & lost its primary shoot’s tip has sprouted some new shoots and is slowly climing, albeit slower than its brothers. The trellis support is apparently lacking – I need to use some bigger metal plates to hold the two 8′ 2x2s together next year. It is looking kind of droopy – but I am hoping it can hold on for this season and I’ll shore it up with alot more screws & bigger metal braces next year. If it starts to look even worse, I’ll probably have to get up on a ladder and do an ad-hoc adjustment – I’ll play it by ear. I guess I should have known better than to use those skimpy little 4″ braces…. The tendancy to twist right at that joint has got be pretty substantial… particularly after a few good storms of rain & wind. At least the hops seem happy, even if their support is kind of ugly.

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