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20 gallons of Pale

So today I brewed 20 gallons of american pale ale with my friends Heidi and Dave. It was a new pale ale recipe that used Amarillo, Centennial, and Summit hops along with a few different specialty grains for character (Vienna, Carapils and Crystal 40). Things went relatively well – stuck mash, but as soon as re-mixed and re-vourlafed everything went super smooth. I’m finding that a minor stuck mash seems pretty common with this system because I tend to load it with to much water (b/c the room is available in the 28 gallon tun)… so I end up with 12-16 inches ontop of the grain bed, which weighs heavily and sticks it pretty quickly (within 4-5 gallons of runoff). The remixing & additional recycle only lost us about 20 minutes, so it certainly wasn’t tragic – I just chalk it up as a minor annoyance.

We boiled hard and came up a gallon short in the fermenters, which I really should have expected. Its not the first time this has happened with my 20 gallon system. For 90 minute boils I need to just make it part of the routine to add a gallon back around the 30 minute mark, once the room is available in the kettle again. As a result our easy-drinkin’ 1.050 beer is a 1.057 and will probably not be quite as summer-y as intended.

Work on the grant electronics has been progressing well. I want to give an update but I’m saving it for when things are a little more complete than they are now. I am slowly gathering the tools required to print and drill my own circuit boards… which is one of the final pieces of this effort. The enclosure is prototyped in plexiglass, which I may ultimately move over to a metal enclosure -but we’ll see how spent I am after the prototype is ready and has been used a few times. It is a huge PITA.

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