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Sa…. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

My hops are exploding. The Nugget have climbed up to the top of their twine, and are now exploding with hop burrs. SHould get quite a good yield this year from them. Suprisingly enough, the Nugget might be rivaled by the Zeus for yield. I can’t believe how many hops these rhizomes are producing, even though its just the first year. I can’t wait until they are a couple years old. The Liberty and Magnums are barely burring at all, and the Japanese Beetles are really decimating the Liberty’s leaves. I suspect I’ll get nothing again from them this year.

This weekend we stopped by Steel and Metal Liquidators on Old Airport Road up in Newport. Holy crap, do they have alot of steel and aluminum. We picked up a whole bunch of scrap aluminum pieces for Donna to practice welding, and we also got the pieces cut for my grant skid… including some gorgeous diamond plate. I decided to go with aluminum for a number of reasons, not least of which was weight – Made from steel, the skid was going to weigh nearly 50 pounds! I did not want to have to drag that up and down the stairs, and aluminum will give me all the strength steel had without the back-breaking. Once Donna feels comfortable welding aluminum, she should be able to knock this out in an evening (I suspect).

Last but not least, I received the 2 315Mhz wireless units to play around with. They are tiny… check out the picture for a scale comparison to your standard bottle cap. I hope they work as I am expecting… and even if not, they’ll be fun to play around with. The more I read about the XBee, the more I think I’m gonna have to use them in a future version. They also have 10 bit analog to digital converters as well as several I/O lines which would increase the number of signals I could read / measure output beyond what the just the PICAXE chip offered.

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