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Waiting… waiting…

My patience is starting to wear a little thin, despite my best efforts to remain positive and relax. Some of the stress comes from a new project that just kicked off at work (and has required me to attend all-day meetings for a solid week, with another week to come)… but some of it is self-induced as well.

I placed an order for the PZ541 drill press in the middle of June knowing it was on backorder, slated for a July restocking. I totally did it to myself, and I admit that. I called them a few days ago and found that their shipment is coming from England, and must therefore must clear customs – the import inspection processes are significantly more rigid since 9/11 and therefore take much more time. Long story short – It may be the middle or end of August before I see my blasted press and can actually drill the circuit boards… So it will be another month minimum before my grant control box is done. Big deal, I suppose – Donna has had rotten luck with the weather (too much rain), so she hasn’t been able to do any welding.

I think another reason for my impatience is the impending shipment and delivery of a new Dell home PC. We haven’t had a new PC in over 6 years, and our current one is really showing its age. Recent installation of a webcam (so the kids can talk with their grandparents) made it painfully clear when the accompanying software brought our CPU to its knees. The processor was running flat out at 100% trying to keep up, and we were still only getting 1 frame per second and completely garbled audio – in other words, it just can’t hang. We’ve noticed other issues as well, so we kind of knew the need to replace was there. The new one should not have any problems for years to come – It’s got a Quad Core 2.4Mhz processor with 1066MHz front side bus and 4 GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory, so it should handle anything we throw at it without a problem. Once it arrives I’ll have a few evenings worth of software installs and moving files over ahead of me, and I’m eager to get started. The old PC will most likely be reformatted and stripped down to serve as a media center PC, basically allowing us to browse the web and watch online content thru our 46″ Sony Aquos TV from the comfort of the brown leather couch. It is supposed to be delivered Tuesday – That seems like forever!

Brewing has been slow, but so has our consumption. I may brew a 10 gallon batch of belgian-style next weekend, but I haven’t decided. The weather looks like it’s going to be craptacular, and hanging out in the hot and humid garage to brew doesn’t sound too appealing. I also need to visit How Do You Brew to pick up some wheat malt, StarSan and other specialty grains… but have not really felt compelled to do so for a few weeks now (due to sloth, not dislike). Currently on tap we’ve got the remainder of the unfruited American Wheat (probably 1-1.5 gallons), a gallon or so of the Raspberry American Wheat, and my last keg of Belgian Genuine Draft (an abbey singel). All 3 are nice summery beers, perfect for this hot and humid weather we’ve been having. I typically pour a pint while I do my rounds and kill the japanese beetles, which are determined to chew my hops to death…. except the Zeus. They won’t go near it… I am very pleased about that.

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