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Hop God Commeth

Yes sir, I love this time of year… My house is awash with the glorious pungent scent of drying hops, and my wife is a color green that rivals the cones in the dehydrator down in the basement. Today was the first day of my homegrown hop harvest, and it started with the Zeus that I planted just a mere 5 months ago. I cannot believe how these things took off and produced – they may rival the nuggets for a yield this year, even though its their first. Freshops rhizomes rule!!!! Three spindley looking vines had such dense hop clusters that I ended up with two and a half enormous bowls full of hops.

My trusty migrant worker children were more than enthusiastic about helping their old man pick the hops – it has become a bit of a tradition in our household, and they were eager to help this year as well. By the end of it we all had sticky yellow hands and were very contented with how many there were…

The Nugget are probably a week or two off from being ready, having coned several weeks after the Zeus… I will most likely pull the piddly quantity of Magnum off along with the Nugget and mix them in, since there are not enough to warrant keeping seperated out.

With the yield I got this year, I am actually scratching my head wondering what to do with them – Anyone interested in brewing a big batch of homegrown IPA or something? I happen to know this guy with a 20 gallon system…

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  1. September 3, 2008 at 2:11 am

    Awesome! Do you always cut down your bines when you harvest, or do you ever harvest directly off the bine? Mostly just curious.

    Homegrown IPA, huh? Please don’t twist my arm, please, ow, ow, ouch!

  2. brewznet
    September 3, 2008 at 2:53 am

    It depends on cutting the bines down – the Zeus all matured essentially at one time, so it was most convenient to do so. I also wasn’t looking forward to hanging out on a 16 foot ladder to pick the top ones. There were a few that were less mature and probably should have had another couple weeks to peak, but that was probably less than 10% of them… so when mixed in with the rest, I don’t think it’ll really be a huge deal. I think that’s what the commercial yards do anyways.

    The Nugget I will most likely cut the top 1/2 off since they all coned about the same time, and then leave the bottom half for a few more weeks so they get a chance to mature.

    Between the Nugget and the Zeus, we could make a friggin huge IPA – of course not knowing what the %AA on them, it would be a big guessing game… but then again, with my homegrown ales it always is.

  3. September 3, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Yeah, commercial hop yards always cut them down. I guess I was “spoiled” at my townhouse when the top ten feet of the bines were within arms reach when I was on the balcony, I actually would pick the cones off in like 4 small crops over a couple weeks.

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