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Little by little I’ve been updating my old VB6 modules and bringing them into the VB2008 .NET framework. Some pieces I have basically rebuilt from the ground-up to accomodate better modularization, features, and enhanced performance – This CodeBox control is one of them. I have only used some of the “tricks” from the old VB6 module as a reference because the same challenges exist subjugating a standard windows control in .NET as are typically found in older platforms… and everything else has been rewritten.

This control is actually just a lowly textbox on steroids – low overhead, single font of a single size… except I have added a tray on the left (which currently displays just line numbers) and the capability to change the forecolor and backcolor of specific keywords.

The control has lots of flexibility, and over time I’m sure I’ll add more – although most of you couldn’t care less – My intention is to use this on the automation side of BrewzNET to help script actions of the brewing state machine and also perform reading conversions from their raw data values to the displayed ones. The colorization helps flag out potential syntax errors, and helps with readability for anyone used to coding in Visual Studio. This current incarnation handles both VB2008 and SQL Server – So I’ll be able to use it to code the backend database / historian routines too.

Draft code for this module can be found here on my SkyDrive for download. Its only about 80% complete and has some redraw issues when the text is modified (for the moment), but you can see it in action for scrolling, colorization, etc..

I still have to get back to my ToolBox control and the main BrewzNET screen designer at some point – But for now, this one is keeping me entertained. All these components (MDITabs, CodeBox, etc) are building blocks that will find their way into the final product.

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