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More Codebox updates…

gdscodebox2I spent some time when I could this weekend on the Codebox component and got a few things done – First, I wrote a PICAXE Basic colorizer based off the latest Programming Editor keywords and colors. Using the Codebox component and the command line compilers that Revolution Education provides, it would be easy to build in an update window to the brewing sculpture application and make tweaks to the chip code on the fly… if necessary. I did make one small color change, at least temporarily – the numbers show up in orange instead of the deep navy blue, which looked nearly black to my eyes… Anyhow, the colorizer works great. In the process of writing the PICAXE colorizer, I found that I needed to update the rendering code a little. It now works as I expected.

I also have completed the feature that lets you copy the colorized text and paste it into applications like MS Word in the “colorized” rich text format (RTF). There is also an HTML export feature which is ready, although I haven’t figured out exactly how to allow the user access to that… perhaps another menu item or something. Last but not least, I replaced the default context menu with my own that sports icons, a few extra menu items (which will increase even more by the time I am done, I expect).

I have a few more things I want to tackle before calling the Codebox “done”… but for now it is certainly useable. The colorization seems very reliable, the rendering is flicker free, and the redraw issues I initially had are all gone. I believe it renders faster than my original VB6 component, although that doesn’t suprise me overly much. The latest source is available for download from the VB2008 Modules section of my SkyDrive.

I haven’t done any brewing for the past few weeks – there really hasn’t been much of an opportunity. I hope I can get a brew day in next weekend, but since it is our kid’s birthday party – that may not happen either. I’m not terribly concerned, however – Donna and I both have nasty head colds, so its not like our beer inventory is dropping that much these days…. When I do finally brew again, I am looking foreward to taking the grant out for another trial run.

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