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XBee Packet Monitor

xbeepackets2I won’t belabor this post too much. I have caught a few minutes here and there to work on a better monitoring solution for the inbound and outbound packet transmissions to my XBee modems, and the screenshot here shows the first draft. The monitor list itself is a simple ownerdraw listbox, and I made the item heights large enough to accomodate three lines of text. The first has the timestamp, packet type, total packet byte count, and occasionally a status. The second and third lines contain the details of the packet that was transmitted.

I also am working on improving the means of sending data to the modems, as shown by the window on top. The target modem in the XBee network can selected from a dropdown list, and the interaction type is specified below. In this fashion I can complete abstract the differences between a ATCommand, ATCommandQueueParameterValue and ATRemoteCommandRequest to a couple of controls, and have the internal VB code take care of the specifics. I don’t expect this particular interface will be heavily used (if at all) in the brewing sculpture interface, but will be available for diagnostic purposes, or remote reconfiguration of the router / end device modems.

I am definitely glad I decided to put in the work to integrate the XBee API. I think this design will make for a very robust communication layer for the sculpture electronics.

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