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Easing into 2009

I certainly didn’t come out of the gate in 2009 brewing like a fiend. Thus far my only “Brewing” effort was mixing up a 3 gallon batch of root beer with my children, which has now replaced beer in one of my kegerator taps. I am not sure that’s a bad thing, and the root beer is VERY tasty… Truth be told, until recently I didn’t even have any base malt to brew with.

sm20090111-008I thought I was going to finish modifying my pump skid control box this weekend by adding in the XBee interface unit, however things didn’t work out exactly as planned. I managed to get the circuit board etched and drilled this week, and was going to actually apply the artwork and solder everything together yesterday – until I realized the artwork was printed backwards. When you use the toner transfer method, you must print the artwork “inverted” so it shows up the right way when it is ironed on, and missed that crucial little step the first time I printed. Hopefully I’ll get it taken care of this week and test it out with the XBee API communication platform I’ve been writing in VB2008.

sm20090111-006I did manage to get to How Do You Brew? yesterday and picked up some much needed base malt – namely 3 50# bags of Breiss Brewer’s 2-row and 1 55# bag of Weyermann pilsner. That should hold me over until mid or late summer, so for the next few months I’ll just have to pick up specialty malts and yeast as appropriate. I also got some more sanitizer and liquid and dry yeast, including the new WLP072 French Ale strain which I am eager to try out.

sm20090111-007To be honest I’m not burning with desire to brew due to the inventory I’ve accumulated in my basement. At present I’ve got 9 full kegs just waiting to go on tap, and the 2 that are already in the kegerator are still decently full. If my parents get a kegerator down at their lake house I may donate a few to them, and I’ll probably drag one down to Dover for Chris’ birthday, but point is that we don’t have a shortage or anything, so I can take my time and figure out exactly what my plan is.

I’m hoping to brew a slew of new recipes this year. Last year was “year of the house beers”, but I’m hoping to break out of that to a great extent in 2009.

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