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All is quiet…

…. on the northeastern front. I brewed a 30 gallon batch of scottish last weekend with Brian, and he did a perfect job of summing up the activities – so I won’t duplicate them here. We used the grant & pump skid to move the wort from mash tun to kettle, and it worked great – although that sparge calculation bug continues to plague me. I need to track that down and squash it… its starting to screw with my Zen a little. The whole 30 gallon aspect was very cool, and provided our beer tastes good I’m confident that Brian and I will do it again. We’ve already thrown out several ideas on what we could make and how we could improve apon this past brew day.

I haven’t had a spare moment to work on BrewzNET, recipes, or anything else for that matter during the past few weeks… Quite sad, really. It has been hellish at work, and with some seriously wacky weather swings and general apathy, I just have found it difficult to feel motivated and have spent significant time holding the couch down. My next steps on BrewzNET, when I get motivated again, will be to implement a historian (database) and trending / graphing capabilities.

I’ve got another all-grain demo coming up at How Do You Brew? on March 29th, and I don’t have a clue what we’re going to brew. I need to figure that out pronto. I’m thinking something wheaty or maybe wit-ty (har har)… to celebrate the coming spring. A ginger belgian pale might be nice too.

bigdaddyI have “brewed” several gallons of root beer, including a 5 gallon batch of the HopTech #1 flavor that went on tap yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn’t as dilligent at leak-checking as I should have, and ended up emptying the CO2 cylinder in the kegerator in under 24 hours due to a bad seal around the lid. Keg lube seemed to totally eliminate the problem, but the damage is done. I found this out at 12:30pm on Saturday, when every welding supply place around us is already closed (of course), so I had to bust out the 20# cylinder to “emergency” pressurize what’s in there and continue beverage service. I’ll get the 5# and 10# cylinders gassed up again tomorrow, hopefully.

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