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Strung up and out

sm20090419-002sm20090419-005 Yesterday found us doing alot of work outside, enjoying the good weather and warmer temperatures. For the past 2 weeks my hop bines have been growing fast, and many were tall enough to start training on some coir rope. The Nugget trellis I have used for the past couple of years had several catastrophic structural failures last year, and I vowed that we would not have a repeat performance – so I built another monolith-style trellis out of pressure treated 2x2s. It was not quite as stable as I would like, but the opportunites to secure it to the decking were relatively limited. We shall see how well this one holds up compared to last year’s.

sm20090419-007I strung the Zeus trellis as well, although the bines are not quite long enough to thin and train on the rope – Next weekend I will probably be out there with a pair of scissors, picking the strongest ones and starting their vertical journey. This is the Zeus’ second season, and if it is anything like their first, then I will likely get 1-2 pounds of hops from them. You can also see the old grounds for my “Liberty” hops behind the fence here – I finally had enough and ripped the rhizomes out of the ground, conceding this space to grow tomatoes and peppers instead. I suspect we’ll have better luck than we got with my hops.

I also had ambitions of making and canning 5 gallons of starter wort this weekend, but alas it did not happen… mostly because of my general feeling of apathy and disgust for almost everything. I am not sure why I feel so funky.

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  1. firststatebrewer
    April 27, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Garrett, get out of your funk! 🙂

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