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More BrewzNET nonsense

Unfortunately there won’t be any screenshots, because there really isn’t much to show – but hopefully in the next month or so I’ll make some progress with the BrewzNET main application that will incorporate the GUI screens, a historian, trending capability, and some other things I’ve got in mind into a single application. The work on that began this weekend, and after some testing yesterday the prototype appears to be working OK. It needs some major polish, but it is a step forward.

Yesterday’s test served a few purposes.

  • Debug the SQLHistorian class that saves the brew sculpture data to database tables. SUCCESS.
  • Prove out multiple recipients for the converted data (Historian, multiple instances of the test form). SUCCESS
  • Collect sample data to the database that will allow testing of the charting / trending functionality once I’ve got that working… MIXED. Not nearly enough data for a meaningful test, but there is some… enough for it to plot lines on X and Y axes.
  • Incorporating several independently developed libraries (historian, renderers, communication, etc.) into a single multiple-document test application that uses my MDITabs class to display things. SUCCESS, but good lord does that thing need lots of work. At least all the references are working and I can compile.

So once I think I’ve got something post-worthy, like once the charting is functional, I’ll have to throw a screenshot up here (or maybe some videos of it in action … oooooooooooo.) I’ve put the PICAXE and VB script compiling stuff on hold for now, since it really isn’t essential to the application for it to be functional… but I’ll ultimately come back to it.

I haven’t brewed for quite a while, mostly because we haven’t been drinking much and I’ve got a basement full of kegs already. I’m itching to brew… maybe I can convince my buddy Brian to do another 20 gallon batch of something summer-y in the next month or so. By that time we should have kicked a couple kegs and I won’t feel so silly stockpiling a little more. The summer is coming up too – so I want to make sure I don’t have to brew anything during July / August.

My hop bines are going nuts. They’re already 10+ feet. Very cool, and it’s looking like it is going to be a good year. My new trellises for the Nugget and Magnum hops are working quite well, too.

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