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American Wheat

sm20090607 006Wow am I behind. I actually brewed this beer last weekend, but didn’t get around to posting about it until now. A new batch of american wheat seemed like a great early-summer style choice, particularly since we have a freezer full of berries from last year, and the new picking season is quickly approaching… time for some blackberry / raspberry wheat!!! The day went pretty smoothly, once I managed to shake off the previous night’s over-indulgence. The day proved to be a pretty hot one, but I kept myself inside to avoid the sun and heat. Once again I used my grant setup to transfer the liquid and log some data.

When it came time to actually look at the data, I had a panic attack – nothing was in the database. Not a single value. What in the heck happened??? I had started all the required Windows services, BrewzNET seemed to be working just fine… After some digging, I discovered some minor programming logic issues that resulted in the connection to SQL Server never being established properly – namely it was building the connection string incorrectly.

Fortunately I am an insatiable turbonerd, and I had programmed in logic for just this kind of situation. All of the data had been dumped out to an error log text file, however I had not built the classes and forms to bring it back into the application. After a few early morning and lunch time coding opportunities, the error log viewer and backlog processing classes were done and I got my data restored. I also managed to work in custom scripting of the byte transmission translations – they can now be modified from within BrewzNET without recompiling the entire executable. The script editing window is pretty basic at this point – context colorization, a background compile feature that finds syntax errors, and clicking on the errors jumps you right to that row – but there is more I need to do with it.


 Just for kicks, I did some more Excel plots for you all to look at. You can see where the mash was headed towards “stuck”, so I re-mixed, did another recycle, and remained relatively good for the rest of the runoff. You can also see how friggin hot it was outside, as shown by the solid state relay temperature measurements. Hopefully I’ll get some time this week to code up the BrewzNET trending classes so I don’t need Excel anymore…


 I’ve got beer to keg and transfer today, and next weekend isn’t going to happen either, so next brew will likely be in 2 weeks.

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